Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Robin McGeough and I am an artist. My work as an artist is inspired by my personal life experience, some of which includes my darkest hours. In 1982 I moved from Orange County California to pursue a theater arts degree from San Francisco University. I got involved in street art (spray-painting sidewalks with stencils designs I created), punk rock jackets decals, and heavy drug use. Soon I found myself drug addicted and homeless, having to sleep on the streets of San Francisco. I lived on the streets as an addict until 1988 when I jumped out of a window several stories above ground to avoid a drug-related mugging. I moved back to Southern California in a wheel chair with two broken feet, still struggling with drug addiction. The four years following were a spiral of addiction, hospitalizations, homelessness, and drug-related arrests.I am now 20 years clean and sober. I work as a program director of a recovery center in Covina, California, which provides treatment for drug and alcohol dependence problems. My current collection of paintings reflects the darkness and hopelessness of a troubled time flooded with the bold light and beauty of recovery.

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Robin McGeough